Doctor’s Day Celebrated the Trust Patients Put in Us

“I love my Doctor and their team of colleagues. They are friendly and give me the best care I need. Thank you to Dr. Hameed and her team of Colleagues at St. Joeseph Family Medical in London Ontario.”
– Christine

“Dr. Gimbel is a super G.P. I have had issues from time to time, and Dr. Gimbel leaves no stone unturned until these issues are resolved. She has a good sense of humour, always listened to my issue and diagnoses them as speedily as possible. She is worthy of special mention on doctors day. “
– Roy

As President of the Ontario Medical Association, I am proud to lead an organization that represents so many remarkable people like Dr. Hameed and Gimbel. The public trusts us to protect their health and the health of their loved ones.

We repay that trust with a commitment to patients that often comes before everything else in our professional and personal lives. Ontario’s doctors keep the provinces 14 million people healthy, take care of them when they are sick and are vital members of our communities.

This commitment is the cornerstone of Ontario’s health care system.

For Doctors’ Day 2019, we asked Ontarians to share stories about their doctors and the difference they have made in their lives and communities.

Over the month of May, people across the province responded with moving personal stories like the two above.

Patients recounted how their doctor held their hand during their darkest hour, helping them to conquer illness or find the courage to keep fighting. They shared stories of doctors who went above and beyond and expressed admiration for the daily challenges that doctors overcome in the pursuit of excellent patient care.

This outpouring of support doesn’t surprise me. I know my colleagues well, and I’ve witnessed their daily dedication to their patients during my 27 years of rural medicine practice in Stayner.

I love practicing family medicine and value the trusting relationship between me and my patients. It is the same relationship Ontario’s 31,500 physicians have with more than 340,000 patients they see every day.

As president of the Ontario Medical Association, I will be writing a lot about issues that affect both the profession and patients in my term over the next year. I will post them on this blog, and on my twitter feed.

Ontario’s doctors are on the front line of the health care system. We see what is not working within the system and how it can be fixed. We understand that changes to the health care system must work for patients in real-life situations. As we work with government to fix our health care system, solve critical issues like hallway medicine and deliver high-quality care, the health and well being of our patients will always come first.

For more stories underscoring the strong and valued relationship we have with our patients, click here. I beam with pride in my colleagues when I read these, and I hope you do to.

Note:  The original version of this blog appeared on the OMA newsroom and the OMA facebook page.


Author: justanoldcountrydoctor

Dr. M. S. Gandhi, MD, CCFP. Practicing rural family medicine since 1992. I still have active privileges at the Collingwood Hospital. One Time President of the Ontario Medical Association. Follow me on Twitter: @drmsgandhi

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